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RB209 Fertiliser Recommendations Book

Fertiliser Plant




FACTS Primer Course
The original two-day foundation course designed to prepare Farmers and Farm Managers in advance of the full FACTS training course.
BASIS approved.

  • Basic Plant Nutrition:
    The role of major, secondary and trace elements within plants.
    The characteristics of plant nutrients within soil and their influence on fertiliser application.
    Potential loss factors.
    Deficiencies and toxicity’s

  • Aspects of Environmental Protection:
    Principles of good fertiliser practice.
    The pollution potential from organic manures explained.
    Non-spreading areas.
    Prevention of nutrient leaching

  • An introduction to the RB209 (Fertiliser Recommendations) 7th Edition:
    A basic overview.
    Where to find the information.
    Factors to be taken into account.
    Explanation of the appendices.
    What are soil indices?
    Organic Manures:
    Minimising their pollution potential.
    Nutrient profiles.
    Significance of Dry Matter content
    Available and unavailable nutrient
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  • Main Crop Groups:
    Principles of fertilising:
    - Combinable crops
    - Potatoes
    - Sugar Beet
    - Peas and Beans
    - Grassland

  • Fertiliser Manufacturing:
    Raw materials
    Manufacturing processe
  • Principles of Fertiliser Application:
    Understanding application techniques
    Performance criteria.
    Safe application.

  • Nutrient Calculations:
    Converting nutrient requirements into
    kgs of product per hectare.
    Conversion factors.

  • Fertiliser Recommendations:
    A practical exercise designed to provide hands-on experience of making fertiliser recommendations using the RB209 (7th edition).
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