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Fertiliser Evaluation Course

You know the price per tonne - but what’s the real value to your land and crops?

This course is designed to provide farmers with independent advice on fertilisers and to help them avoid the pitfalls and ensure they get the best value for money from their fertiliser purchases.

Areas covered:-

The effects of current manufacturing techniques - explained in terms of their impact upon product analysis, stability and performance within crops.

• Raw material sources - how effective are they, how much nutrient do they contain, what form is it in, how much is available to plants and do they include any substances you should be aware of.

• Statutory declarations - what do they really mean, what tolerances are built into them, how closely are they adhered to and what safeguards do they provide for end-users?

• Spread pattern ratings - are they a useful indicator, what do they mean in terms of crop performance. How the system operates, how is it used (and abused) and what is it’s future?

• Industrial waste products – in the right situations they can be a cheap alternative to bought-in fertilisers – but you need to be aware of the potential pitfalls?

• False economies – applying certain fertiliser materials in the wrong situations can be very expensive and highly ineffectual. Being aware of them saves money and improves yields.

Workshop / Case study:
Group exercises designed to incorporate all the above factors in establishing the most cost-effective and agronomically viable solutions, from a range of different fertiliser options.

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