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Unlocking Soil Nutrition

The gap between fertiliser prices and crop returns is increasing.
This course is designed to provide valuable information on the ways in which soil can be managed more effectively, to release higher levels of sustainable nutrition and reduce yield-limiting factors.
Providing opportunities to reduce input costs and improve profitability

Areas covered include:

  • Understanding stages of soil formation and resulting characteristics:
    Soil components and plant relationships.
    Soil water and capillarity.
    Structure, texture, strata and horizons.
  • The role of nitrogen within the soil complex:
    The mineralisation process explained.
    The place of Humus and Organic Matter in holding and supplying plant nutrients.
  • Management of soil acidity:
    An explanation of pH and its significance upon nutrient supply.
    Buffering capacity and the relative effectiveness of liming materials.
    Establishing the true lime requirement for different soil types.
  • An explanation of soil nutrient characteristics:
    Measuring the nutrient holding capacity of different soils.
    Understanding the soil nutrient complex.
    Nutrient relationships – antagonisms and chemical lock-up explained.
  • More effective management of soil nutrient profiles:
    Removing yield-limiting factors.
    Eliminating nutrient wastage and improving the bottom line.

BASIS Approved

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